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Psychological Assessment

There are a number of different types of psychological assessment that vary depending on the reason for the referral. Testing is often used to identify cognitive strengths and weaknesses.


When combined with educational achievement measures, a psychologist can help identify what might be holding a person back in school and provide recommendations for accommodations and for strategies to work towards greater academic success. Psychological testing can also be used to clarify a psychiatric diagnosis and can serve as an adjunct to one's psychotherapy by providing new insight about personality characteristics and coping mechanisms.


Our practice has a wealth of experience in psychological assessments with both children and adults. The assessment process typically includes a clinical interview, objective and possibly projective tests, a feedback session, and a written report.


Written reports are typically available within four weeks following the completion of all testing measures.


The evaluations we provide include:


• Cognitive/IQ Testing

• Educational/Achievement Testing

• Psychoeducational Assessments

• Clinical / Personality Evaluations

• Specialized ADHD Evaluations

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